Monday, January 6, 2014

Posole and Our First New Mexico Christmas

So, Miss Lorna tells me that there’s a standard NM Christmas meal — posole, tamales, and biscochitos. 

Now, being the faithful Texan that I am, tamales were easy, but I’d never made posole before and GF biscochitos? Wow. Posole is a hominy and pork stew with chiles. It’s usually served with onions and radishes, so that’s what we did. Biscochitos are the most amazing slice of anise-y, cinnamon-y heaven ever and I’m mad about them. Also, I made bear-shaped ones.

That’s right. Bearcochitos. :D

So, I made our supper and they was a huge success. I’m not sharing either recipe, yet, because I’m still playing with them, but I took pictures and I’m refining the biscochito recipe to share soon.

Yay cookes!

IMG 1956

IMG 1958

IMG 1955

IMG 1953

IMG 1957

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