Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Helote tacos and homemade margaritas!

IMG 0261

Simple, quick, vegetarian and gf.

Corn tacos are a breeze to make and cost next to nothing. They had corn on the cob on sale at my  grocery store for a dime an ear, so I bought two. I cut the kernels off while half of the onion that was left over from tuna salad was cooking in a little olive oil on the stove. I added the corn, heated up the corn tortillas (I keep them in the freezer because we only ever use 4 at a time and they come in packs of 20.) When the corn was cooked, I added a 1/4 c. of cojita cheese (you can use any cheese, really. I like cojita because it keeps its shape a little), some garlic powder and a healthy dose of cayenne and a pinch of salt.

Lorna likes hers with avocado. I like mine with tomatoes. :D

The margarita? A jigger of good sipping tequila, a jigger of cointreau, a jigger of lime juice. Ice, shake, pour.