Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gluten Free Lasagne Noodle Review

Hey y'all!

Last week, we made this:

My mom, Betty, made lasagne using her leftover spaghetti sauce, so I made up a batch of her classic meat sauce (I'll do a post on it, I swear) and threw together a gluten free lasagne.

Yum. This was the best one I'd made in awhile, and I forgot to do a step by step picture taking, so I thought I'd do a review of the noodles we used this time.

Gluten free lasagne noodles can be a crap shoot. The fact is, lasagne needs to be eaten leftover, and GF noodles can become quite mushy after more than one cooking. This time we used Tinkyada rice noodles, and I have to say they lived up to the slogan on the box, which says their texture can withstand quite a bit of overcooking.

The second day we heated leftovers up in the microwave. Not as successful as the first serving. everything got a little creamy. So the last set of leftovers on day three I tossed in a couple of single serve casserole boats and heated them in the oven instead. This is the way to go. Firmed the noodles right back up and got the cheese cripsy once more.

All in all, I was glad we took a chance on the Tinkyada noodles.

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