Friday, December 7, 2012

Flour Tortilla Recipe Coming/Mom's Enchiladas

Good news! 

IMG 0958

Of course, I need to measure and photograph, but it's coming. 


So, today?

Mom's Enchiladas.

My stepmother, Terrie, was an amazing cook and I loved her enchiladas (which really aren't enchiladas, but more like a burrito casserole, but she called them enchiladas, so we do too.

The recipe is super simple (and, Daddy, forgive me, I made some tweaks, which I'll note)

1/2 cut up onion

1 lb hamburger

1 can fat free refritos (she just used her own, but I didn't have any homemade here...)

cumino, garlic salt, chili powder, salt

gf flour tortillas

cheddar cheese

1 can of Wolf Brand Chili (I omit this, I admit it. It's too much grease for me and makes me queasy. Forgive me, Terrie.)

sour cream and salsa to top

So, you cook up your onion in a wee bit of olive oil, then you brown your meat. I use the super-di-duper low fat meat, so I don't have to drain. If you've got just a wee bit of grease, you're cool. If you've got more than that? Pour it off. Season your meat. No, there are no measurement. You have a mouth. Tasting is the fun part of being the one that's cooking (well, that and that you can con someone else into doing dishes...)

Now, tump in your beans. If you're using homemade, use 2-3 ladles. Cold is fine.

Stir until everything it hot and gooey.


Now, take your tortillas and plop a nice fat spoonful in the middle and roll them up, putting them seam side down in a casserole dish. (Now, two things -- 1. Terrie put cheese inside the tortilla here. I don't need it or the extra fat, so I don't. 2. if your casserole dish sticks, grease it. I have the Rachael Ray ones and those babies are magical. Nothing sticks. I have used them for 2 years and am stupid for them.)

Now, if you're Terrie you'd put the can of Wolf Brand Chili over the top. I like to use the remaining hamburger bean goo. You could also use enchilada sauce, if you wanted to, or chile con queso. Maybe a can of tomatillo sauce (although I don't like green sauce with hamburger). 

Then, cheese that baby!

IMG 0959


Cook it in a 350 oven until it's hot and bubbly and the cheese is melty and wonderful.

IMG 0960

Then I like to top with a dollop of sour cream and some salsa.

IMG 0961

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