Saturday, January 7, 2012

Test Post and Howdy!

Hey, y'all.

I've been gluten-free for going on four years and, well, to be honest, I love food and I love to cook. I spent the first couple of years eating every gluten-free product on the market, and let me tell tell you, there are some amazing products, but I'm a home cook. I want homemade cookies. Breads. Pizza. Waffles.

So, I started experimenting.

I've had a lot of failures and I'll share those as I have them, but I have had an enormous amount of successes. I have the perfect peanut butter cookie, a chocolate chip cookie that people don't know is gluten free. I can rock a good cheesecake and my Kahula pound cake is sinful. My stuffing is solid. I even made a good, from scratch chorizo.

I'm still working on a doable, weekday pizza dough, as well as a good grill able pizza dough. I'm working on a fresh pasta recipe for a day where I have time. I'm searching for that *right* biscuit recipe.

My ultimate goal? Good, homemade gluten free 'flour' tortillas like my step-mom made.


I miss those.

I will try to list all the allergens in the recipes. I will say that I have a dairy intolerance, so, while I do use butter and heavy cream and the periodic cheese, I do use a number of alternative milks. I eat local, grass-fed meat, local eggs and honey and try to use organics whenever possible. This is me following what my soul says is important. Everyone does what they're called to. :D

Plan for today? GF baguette for the first time. We'll see.


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